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Commercial & Residential  Mold Remediation

All buildings are susceptible to mold, but mold in commercial & residential buildings can pose a serious health risk to the public and your family.  The mold remediation process in a any structure should be done by a professional familiar with commercial buildings and residential structures to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.  If your commercial  building or home has had issues with water damage, excessive humidity, or other moisture issues, mold can potentially become a big problem. Mold grows quickly and can become a serious concern for air quality and the health of those occupying the building. If you can see mold on the outside of a surface, you should be concerned about what is growing on the other side.






We do not charge for an inspection and in most cases, we can have one of our Licensed Mold Assessors to your property within 48 hours.  He will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your entire property in order to ensure we have identified every area where mold is likely and determine the source.  When mold is visible, we can identify it and prepare a quote for remediation (if necessary) without conducting a sample analysis.  In the mean-time, please do not try to treat or conceal the mold with household chemicals.  Consumer products are not effective at treating mold.  They only whiten it, making it harder to see.  This can make it difficult for the Inspector to determine the extent of the mold growth and harder to evaluate your project. 

Clean Remediation Commitment

As a Certified Green Remediation Contractor, we will never use any product that leaves a residue or puts building occupants at risk.  We exclusively use EPA approved products and take every precaution to prevent mold-spore escape from our work areas by following EPA containment standards.  All of our projects are backed by a warranty. 

 David and his staff are consummate professionals in all areas of their field. They are prompt, courteous and professional while interacting with you and within your home. It was quite evident that they are knowledgeable in their profession and in today's business climate, this is a very refreshing aspect. They took the time to listen, offer recommendations and explain the proper application of services. Thank you for your knowledge and professionalism. I would without a doubt recommend them for any mold or decontamination services. Thank you Dave and AAI. -David B.



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